Fundraising Events - 2018

June 2018 – The Foundation hosted a showing of “Suicide – The Ripple Effect”, which was a documentary film based on the true story of Kevin Hines and his battle with mental illness. Mental Illness is a topic that has been kept hushfor way too long. We will continue to strive to create a culture where mental health is talked about openly, where judgement and shame are no longer in the vocabulary and we put an end to the stigma that has a grip on so many lives. .

Foundation Goals – 2019

  • Raise additional funds to support community events to raise Mental Health Awareness
  • Explore opportunities to start local support group
  • Seek at least 1 community event to host that will raise awareness (i.e. host a speaker)
  • Attend community events (i.e. Riverwalk, Heritage Day) to advertise the foundation and also try to gain more knowledge about community thoughts and needs surrounding Mental Health.

Long Term Goals

  • Examine and Explore what, if any, mental health is discussed in public schools. Would like to see mandatory mental health classes
  • Explore guide lines around how Suicides are reported and tracked in DE
  • Work with families where mental illness has touched their lives to create a ‘safe zone’ feeling of community support and learn how we can progress and grow the communication so mental illness/suicide can be talked about openlywithout criticism.